Mahakam bike boy

Along the rivers of Kalimantan, huge areas are under water for much of the year, including of course during the wet season. Villages in these area will often have all of the houses and roads built up on tall pillars or stilts so that they can stand above the flood. It doesn’t always succeed, and we have seen inundated villages with people continuing to go about their daily business while standing in knee-deep waters throughout their homes.

“Look Mum, no hands!”

This photo was taken on 2 May 2015, somewhere near the village of Muara Muntai on the Mahakam River, East Kalimantan. It was towards the end of long day during which we had travelled by canoe, coming back from a stay in Tanjung Isuy village. This boy had been stopped on his bike, talking to some of his friends who were diving and swimming in the flooded river. Then he saw us, and took off at speed along the decking that forms the ‘road’, showing off to us by riding ‘no hands’. It looked like a lot of fun.

This is another photo that’s jumped off the screen for me to print and frame. Indonesiaku Print #2 (2 May 2015).

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