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Red Hill late afternoon

One of the pleasures of living in this ‘Garden City’ is that, even though I live in an ‘inner suburb’, I can walk a hundred meters to the end of my street and be deep in eucalypt bushland. Red Hill is also home to hundreds of eastern grey kangaroos, white cockatoos, gang-gangs, crimson and eastern rosellas, snakes, lizards, fairy wrens,… you get the picture. Of course there are also blackberry bushes, St John’s Wort and foxes too, but it’s still a relatively intact example of the original native bushland (thanks in large part to the volunteer work done by the ‘Red Hill Regenerators’ group).

I get up there as often as I can, sometimes several times in a week, to enjoy the bush, the city views, and the exercise involved in climbing up to the trig tower at the top of the ridge. It also offers lots of photographic opportunities…

Here are some photos from my walk up there a few days ago. lovely in the late afternoon light. You can see the full set of pictures on the main Jokar web site by clicking on this link.

Sulphur-crested White Cockatoo (and the Moon)

Sulphur-crested White Cockatoo (and the Moon)

Red Hill view (oil paint filter)

Red Hill - view towards Civic

Mynah protects her nest from a magpie